Imagine the power of managing access across your entire property portfolio through a centralized, cloud-based management portal, allowing users to effortlessly communicate with visitors, open doors, monitor entrances, and issue virtual keys – all through the simplicity of their smartphones.


Manage Property Access in One Place

Access management, door release logs, system maintenance and upgrade can all be remotely carried out from a web portal.

Flexible Property Access Options

Flexible property access using app, facial recognition, Bluetooth, NFC, QR codes, PINs or RFID cards.

Easy Integration

Easy to integrate with on-premise building security systems, home automation and access control systems.

Cost-Effective Solution

Smart intercom requires less investment in building’s infrastructure with less wiring needed and lowers on-going maintenance costs thanks to remote management.

Elevate your property and facility management with Akuvox – where innovation meets versatility for a smarter living and working experience!