Artistic Design & Entertainment is proud to offer an industry best-in-class warranty on every system we install. All of our clients receive a minimum one-year warranty on installation and equipment. As an added benefit, clients who select our VIP membership at the time of purchase receive an extra complementary year of warranty coverage.


In addition to our warranty, Artistic Design & Entertainment offers a variety of premium support & maintenance memberships to ensure that all of our clients expectations are met long after an installation is complete. Whether you require standard business hours support, on-site support, direct access to our 24/7 support staff, or proactive remote systems monitoring and management, we have a membership for every client.

24/7 Support Coverage

We’re available to communicate with you in whichever manner best fits your lifestyle.

Preventative System Monitoring

Your system will be accessed remotely and oftentimes repaired without a service call.

Ongoing System Maintenance

We'll manage your system remotely with regular updates to keep it safe and running smoothly.

Discounted Service Call Rates

In the unlikely event that an on-site service call must be scheduled, you'll receive a preferred rate.

Think about your new system like a car. Whether you spend $10,000, $50,000, or $100,000 on your car you understand that things like oil changes, tires, brakes and preventative maintenance are necessary and expected.


From proactively monitoring and fixing your system remotely, keeping your system up to date with the latest software and security advancements, along with access to our 24/7 remote support, Artistic Design & Entertainment has you covered.



starting at


based on system size


24/7 Email/Chat Basic Support

Guaranteed 60 Min Basic Support Response

Business Hours Advanced Support

Ongoing Remote System Maintenance

30% Off On-Site Support

Personalized Support App


starting at


based on system size

Includes all features of the Basic Membership plus:

24/7 Phone/Text Basic Support

24/7 System Monitoring

Guaranteed 30 Min Basic Support Response

40% Off On-Site Support

Priority On-Site Support


starting at


based on system size

Includes all features of the Smart Membership plus:

Same or Next Business Day On-Site Support

50% Off On-Site Support

2-Year Extended Warranty

Annual On-Site Tech Tuneup

ISP & Cable Account Management

Surveillance Footage Retrieval

Control4 4Sight Subscription


  • Remote Support: $97.50 minimum 1st 30 min, $195/hr after
  • On-Site Support: $250 minimum 1st hr, $195/hr after
  • Ongoing Remote System Maintenance: $195/hr, 1 hr minimum
  • Remote Support Response: typically within 2 business days
  • On-Site Support Response: typically within 5 business days
  • After-Hours Support: not available for non-members


What is it?

It’s a comprehensive support membership that includes a dedicated 24/7 Basic Remote Support Team, a local Advanced Remote & On-site Support Team as well as 24/7 remote monitoring of your system. It is dedicated for members only.

How much is the membership?

Memberships start at just $50/month. Details can be found above.

Once subscribed, how do I reach support?

Once subscribed you will receive a personalized support app with easy access to support contact info, and you will be given a dedicated email address, phone number and link for live chat.

What forms of communication can I use to get support?

Depending on your membership, Phone, text, email and chat.

Do I still contact ADE directly for support during business hours?

No, your first contact should always be to our 24/7 Remote Support Team.

Is ADE still supporting our system?

Yes! However, our 24/7 Remote Support Team will always attempt to solve your issue remotely first. If they cannot resolve the issue, your issue will be escalated to our local ADE Advanced Support Team.

I previously called/emailed ADE for support. Can I still do that?

Yes, but you will bypass our 24/7 Remote Support Team and go directly to scheduling on-site service. We STRONGLY recommend that you do NOT bypass our 24/7 Remote Support Team as they can solve many issues remotely.

Is the ADE Onsite Support Team available 24x7 as well?

No, our ADE local team is not available for 24/7 support.

My system is new (installed within 1-year warranty period), does this apply to me?

YES. Our 1-year warranty on workmanship only covers service during regular business hours. After hours support is additional unless you already purchased a membership.

We only spend a few weeks of the year at this house. Is this really necessary?

Yes! If you’re not at the home, that is even more reason to have your system proactively monitored. The last thing you want to do is deal with home technology issues when you only have limited time to enjoy your home. We’ll make sure that when you are there, your system is firing on all cylinders.

Can I continue to call, email and text the ADE team members directly after hours?

No, all support inquires must come through the proper channels. Our techs will not respond to after-hours support requests in any form.

Do I have to become a member?

No, BUT you will not have access to our after-hours support and therefore will only be able to reach us for support during our normal business hours.

Is your 24x7 support team in-house?

No, our 24×7 support team is located in Richmond, Virginia and Las Vegas, Nevada. Our team is comprised of highly skilled home technology experts who are trained on the specifics of your system. They know the locations of all the devices in your home and the the specific parts. You can feel confident knowing that many of the calls fielded are resolved without dispatching a technician to your home.

If I'm not a member can I still get after hours emergency service?

Emergency support is available based on ADE availability and paid in advance.

Does the membership include regular maintenance?

Yes, each membership includes ongoing remote maintenance including software and firmware updates.

Does the membership include free on-site service calls?

On-site visits are discounted for each membership.

How quickly will my emails, calls, texts or chats be responded to?

You are guaranteed a response within 30 minutes.

What is involved in the ADE Monitoring Device configuration?

The configuration is extremely detailed. Every component in your system needs to be labeled and identified by room so that the 24×7 support team has all the information they need to effectively monitor and support your system. This is a critical step to enabling the highest quality 24×7 support available.

What parts of my system can be monitored and supported?

ADE can monitor:

  • Whether most of your network connected devices are up and running.
  • Health of many connected AV devices and light switches (availability may vary depending on manufacturer).
  • Internet up/down state and average upload/ download speeds.

What parts of my system can't be monitored?

  • Quality of audio/video (a connected network media player may show as online but the audio or video may still be experiencing issues).
  • Different apps or services within connected network devices (i.e. Netflix not working or Pandora producing an error message within a functioning Apple TV or Sonos player).
  • Toasters, wicker baskets, toilets, major home appliances (yet), pets, kids, plant life or threats from zombies.

When will my 1 year membership start?

After you receive your “welcome” email from our 24×7 support team. Please note that due to high demand, we cannot guarantee start dates. ADE will however provide support directly during the waiting period. We apologize in advance for any delays.